Investigative Committee holds workshop on investigating crimes against underage as well as committed by underage

The Russia’s Investigative Committee has held a workshop on social support for the alumni of orphanages in order to help them adapt in society and application of penal and criminal procedure laws of the Russian Federation. It was attended by: First Vice-Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Vasily Piskaryov, vice-chairmen of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Yuri Nyrkov, Alexander Fyodorov, Andrey Lavrenko and heads of territorial investigations directorates.

Most part of the meeting was dedicated to discussing crimes committed both against underage persons and by them. During the workshop the participants saw the film “Stolen Childhood” produced by the Investigative Committee in cooperation with the Russian Interior Ministry, Federal Drug Control Service and Federal Migration Service. The film shows not only statistics of such crimes in recent years, but makes special focus on prevention of juvenile delinquency. Speaking before the participants, acting head of Saint-Petersburg Main Investigations Directorate Alexander Klaus told about a unique chamber for working with underage victims of crimes as an example of enhancing efficiency in investigating crimes committed against underage persons. The chamber is designed for a children’s psychologist to work with victims and specially decorated to make children feel comfortable there. While the psychologist talks with the child, the investigator behind a mirror wall can establish all the circumstances of the incident without depressing the child. This practice, which investigators of Saint-Petersburg adopted from their colleagues in Germany, Belgium and Finland, interested many heads of investigations directorates and was recommended to be used in practice. The meeting noted importance of not only efficient investigation of crimes against children, but their rehabilitation and help to the victims from the very first hours since the crime was committed.

In addition, the attention of heads of territorial investigations directorates was drawn to an educational film about crime scene investigation made jointly with the Main Criminalistics Office of the Russia’s Investigative Committee and Academy of the Russia’s Investigative Committee. It gives details on step-by-step investigation of a crime scene, which is especially important for training of investigators.

Investigation of crimes committed against underage persons is one of the most important areas in activity of the Russia’s Investigative Committee, so from now on there will be special attention attached to improvement of investigation of such crimes.