In Moscow military investigators press charges against Valery Puzikov

Former deputy CEO of St. Petersburg engineering and technical center of the Russian Defense Ministry Valery Puzikov, who was wanted, has come to the Main Military Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee of his own accord and was charged with crimes under part 4 of article 160 of the RF Penal Code (misappropriation and embezzlement committed by a group of people in conspiracy and on an especially massive scale).

According to investigators, the company was executing a state contract on providing vehicles to military command bodies of the Russian Defense Ministry. According to the documents the Ministry rented from the Center Toyota Land Cruiser 78, Mercedes-Benz GL 320 4 Matic, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Hummer and BMW 760LI, which were then taken from affiliated commercial enterprises for temporary use by Puzikov. Although the Ministry hardly used the vehicles, from 2010 to 2012 the Center transferred to commercial organizations over 8 million rubles.

In addition, the positions of a manager, assistant and nurse were occupied by people, who basically did not do their job. Knowing this the top officials still signed orders to pay them wages, bonuses and compensations for working trips. These actions caused the Center a loss of over 4 million rubles.

Considering that Puzikov came to law enforcement bodies on his own accord, pledged to come to the investigator on time and to not prevent the investigation, he was released on recognizance. The preliminary investigation is ongoing.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                      V.I. Markin