Russia’s Investigative Committee and Chamber of Accounts sign cooperation agreement

The Investigative Committee and the Chamber of Accounts have concluded a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin and Chairwoman of the Chamber of Accounts Tatyana Golikova.

The Agreement is aimed at improvement of state policy in the area of prevention and suppression of violations in financial and budget area and during the use of federal property.

The document signed determines principles, forms and order of cooperation between the Chamber of Accounts and Investigative Committee. The parties exchange information on events and facts connected with illegal use of funds of the federal budget, budgets of state-owned non-budgetary foundations, federal assets.

“The Agreement provides for another, a bit deeper form of cooperation than that with other law enforcement agencies”, - noted Ms. Golikova. Namely, the Chamber of Accounts and Investigative Committee are setting up a constant interagency working group to provide cooperation between the parties under the Agreement.

“We count that besides that we will carry out joint methodological activity and activity connected with assessment and preparation of legislation in areas where jurisdictions of the Chamber of Accounts and Investigative Committee intersect”, - pointed out the Chairwoman of the Chamber of Accounts.

The parties also can hold joint informational, reporting, scientific and practical events and joint research of matters concerning exposure, prevention and suppression of violations.

“I believe that the Agreement will be of use not only to two agencies, but the country as a whole”, - stressed Mr. Bastrykin.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                       V.I. Markin