Condolence to Ukrainian Foreign Ministry

We do understand, though not sympathize with the personnel problems, the Ministry trying to act as a foreign one in Kiev, is now experiencing. It is really hard to study international conventions against genocide and other military crimes, for those who are building their careers only on knowing the official language, which rules out the necessity of any other knowledge.

We know that another variant of the official language does not know difference between war crimes and military crimes, which does exist in official languages of all other civilized countries. To all appearance, it is also a problem of understanding of their procedural status of the sovereign elite. At the same time, I would like to remind the officials of the Kiev misunderstanding for the Foreign Ministry, that ignorance of the international laws is no excuse, and that the head of Nazi Foreign Ministry Von Ribbentrop was hanged by Nuremberg tribunal as a war criminal. There is no doubt that there will be such a tribunal trying war crimes committed in Donbass and that the evidence gathered by the Russia’s Investigative Committee will be the basis for a heavy sentence.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                         V.I. Markin