Investigative Committee officials visit sponsored Murom Infant Home in Vladimir Region

Officials of the Investigative Committee Central Office have visited Murom Infant Home in Vladimir Region again.

Following the request of the staff of the facility sets of cutlery, specialized aprons for bathing and feeding babies, some household items, foods and other things were purchased on volunteer donations made by the officials of the Investigative Committee Central Office and Academy. In addition, some money was given to the facility’s main doctor to by seasonal berries and fruit and to set an air conditioner.

During their visit the officials checked how the roof of the building was repaired. At the present time, beam ceiling is being changed. The health department of Vladimir Region agreed to provide the facility with vehicles. A Lada Largus vehicle was purchased on budget money and has been in operation since July 2015.

The Russia’s Investigative Committee has been patronizing the children’s home in Murom for several years. It should be noted that the Investigative Committee helps the infant home as well as other such social facilities on a regular bases. Almost all regional investigations directorates patronize children’s homes or other children’s social facilities. This patronage does not reduced to one-time presents. The officials in necessary take measures to organize highly-qualified medical aid to seriously ill inmates and help in their education and adjustment after they have left the facility.