Explanation of Investigative Committee in connection with statements made by representatives of Polish Defense Ministry

From the very beginning of the investigation into the crash of a Polish Tupolev 154M plane near Smolensk the Investigative Committee of Russia has been working in close cooperation with the Polish Military prosecutor’s Office, who conducts its own investigation. Over that time we have developed close working relationships. The Polish side has submitted to us a large number of requests for legal assistance which required time-consuming investigative operations and forensic inquiries.

Until all investigative operations are completed, of course the plane wreckage which are the material evidence in the investigation cannot be handed to the Polish side not only in accordance with the RF Criminal Procedure Code, but the international laws as well.

It is possible that the representatives of the Polish Ministry of Defense may not have known such basic things, but before making public statements they should have asked their colleagues, Polish prosecutors, about that, so as not to look like clowns in the eyes of the world.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                       V.I. Markin