Investigation finished against former minister of finance and minister of transport complex development of Omsk Region charged with official malfeasance

The Omsk Region Directorate of the Investigative Committee has finished an investigation against ex-minister of transport complex development of Omsk Region Oleg Ilyushin and ex-minister of finance of Omsk Region Rita Fomina charged with crimes under Part 3 of Article 285 of the RF Penal Code, Part 3, item “c” of Article 286 (abuse and exceeding of powers).

According to investigators, the minister of transport complex development of Omsk Region Ilyushin acting in the interest of contractor OOO NPO Mostovik deliberately issued in December 2013 two illegal written orders, based on which under state contracts for the construction of the bypass road Fyodorovka-Aleksandrovka and Krasnogorsk water-engineering system on the Irtysh river 1.2 billion rubles was transferred to the contractor as an advanced fee to buy construction materials which violated provisions of state contracts and state purchase laws. However, OOO NPO Mostovik did not buy construction materials or finish the buildings.

In 2014, Minister of transport complex development Ilyushin acting in the interest of a fuel company committed a number of illegal actions to annul a state contract concluded with another company on supply of sand necessary to repair motorways and buildings which caused the company damage of 6.5 million rubles because the consignee had refused to pay the goods supplied because of annulment of the contract.

Additionally, in 2014, Ilyushin acting under previous conspiracy with Omsk Region Minister of Finance Fomina following the request of the CEO of OOO NPO Mostovik Oleg Shishov, illegally and disguised as an advanced fee provided 205 million rubles of budget funds to OOO NPO Mostovik to be loaned up in a bank. Shishov promised to give the money back the day after. However, after the bank refused to loan up OOO NPO Mostovik, Shishov broke his promise and did not gave the money to the budget of Omsk Region and failed to fulfill the commitment under the state contract.

The investigators believe that the damage to the region stands at 1 billion 411.5 million rubles. Ilyushin resigned after the investigation had been launched. During the investigation Fomina was dismissed from the office following a request filed by the investigators and later she was discharged. The accused were released on recognizance.

Over 20 construction and technical, accounting and economic, handwriting and other inquiries have been run, searches and confiscations have been conducted in the offices and residences of the accused, over 100 witnesses have been questioned, the files of the criminal case number to 53.

The investigators have enough evidence proving the crimes. At present, the case has been sent for the indictment to be approved and then will be forwarded to court.

A request has been sent to the Governor of Omsk Region to eliminate the reasons and conditions that had contributed to the crimes which were the lack of well-timed efficient control over the activity of main managers of budget funds and defects of legal regulation of the implementation of the Omsk Region budget.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                               V.I. Markin