Today the youth polar expedition under leadership of matvey shparo started with participation of the russia's investigative committee cadets

This morning the crew of the IX youth expedition to the Arctic Region "Skiing to the North pole!" flew out from the Moscow «Vnukovo» airport to the Arctic under direction of the known polar traveller Matvey Shparo.

The almost week delay of the expedition start was caused by a difficult situation existing at the drifting "Barneo" station, which is a starting point of seasonal extreme Arctic projects.The ice airfield was broken five times, every time it had to be built again: they found new place, cleared snow, evened ice, filled cracks. The young polar explorers from seven Russian regions, not to be bored in Moscow, being ready to leave, had to go back to school. A Moscow mathematics Lyceum #444 temporarily sheltered the guys.

On the eve of departure the young polar explorers completed one more training which is swimming in full Arctic equipment in the Bolshoy Stroginskiy pond where the impromptu Northern Ice sea was created with help of employees of the Moscow life-saving service of the EMERCOM.

Tomorrow the travellers are to start their route to the North pole. Cadets, students, and senior pupils from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kirov, Kemerovo, Vologda, Chelyabinsk, and Khabarovsk will become the conquerors of the Arctic.

"In my cadet corps of the Russia's Investigative committee everyone is happy that I represent it and our capital Moscow. I think such expeditions are useful and necessary. It has been strengthening the status of Russia at the Arctic already for 9 years now. Everyone think: "So Russia has strenghts since the children walk to the North pole as if it is an usual walk!" In general, understanding that you managed to overcome yourself, meet the target despite anything helps to become more confident, stronger and more hardening!» - Cadet Alexey Kopachev told.

The members of the polar team have been chosen based on the results shown at learning-training camp which took place in the beginning of March in the child camp "Big Adventure" in Karelia. A match of each candidate's training with the necessary level of physical and psychological loads which are intrinsic to an extreme Arctic campaign became the criterion of integrated assessment of each candidate.

The teenagers will have 7 days to reach the North Pole and to overcome the ski route of 110 km from the drifting Russian station "Barneo". The guys will bring Russia flag to the top of the planet, as well as flags of their regions and educational institutions, and will leave a traditional hermetic capsule with a «Message into the future».