Suspect of hostage crisis in a Moscow bank identified

The Moscow Directorate of the Investigative Committee continues the investigation into a hostage crisis in an office of one of Moscow banks opened over a crime under Part 2, item “d” of Article 206 of the RF Penal Code (taking hostages using weapons or objects used as such).

As became known earlier, on the evening of 18 May 2016, the police got a report that an unknown man took 6 people hostage in an office of one of Moscow banks located in Pervomaiskaya Street. Investigators believe that he had an object that looked like an explosive device.

By the suspect has been identified as resident of Moscow Region Aleksei Ukhin, 29. Money is considered as the main motive. The suspect was killed during a special operation as he posed a real threat to lives of the hostages.

On the night of 19 May 2016, all the hostages were released, nobody of them was hurt. A number of investigative operations are under way to find out all the details of the crime. The investigation is ongoing.