Three suspects of Lake Syamozero tragedy charged

The Major Cases Department of the Investigative Committee has charged director of OOO Park-hotel Syamozero Yelena Reshetova, her deputy Vadim Vinogradov with a crime under Part 3 of Article 238 of the RF Penal Code (provision of services that do not meet safety standards). Head of the Karelia Office of the Federal consumer protection authority, Rospotrebnzdzor, Anatoly Kovalenko was charged with a crime under Part 3 of Article 293 of the RF Penal Code (negligence).

It has been revealed that Yelena Reshetova is the only participant of OOO Park-hotel Syamozero and made herself the director by her own order. She made Vinogradov, who was also her deputy, a responsible employee for swimming.

According to investigators, Vinogradov was aware that heavy rains, thunderstorms and gusty wind were expected in most districts of Karelia. He had no permission to go on hiking or boating trips with children. Nonetheless, on 17 June, Vinogradov gave order to leaders and instructors of OOO Park-hotel Syamozero to take 47 teenagers to the lake, board three boats (a raft and two canoes) and row over 3 km to a beach. The teenagers got life jackets that did not fit them. The whole plan, route and the decision to start the trip were approved by Reshetova. Vinogradov joined the group on 18 June. That day the wind got stronger and waves started appearing on the lake. Vinogradov still decides to continue the trip and row together with the children 3.7 km across the lake the Fokensuari island. Bad weather washed the boats away from the shore. The raft carrying 25 of the children was cast up on the island, while the canoes capsized leaving 22 of the children struggling in water. The investigators believe that when Vinogradov was making a decision to continue the trip he had had in mine Reshetova’s order. Both of them tried to hide the information about the tragedy and did not call rescuers in time.

The investigators also believe that negligence of Karelia’s Rospotrebnadzor Anatoly Kovalenko was that a year before the tragedy he had been aware about multiple violations of law while organizing summer camps and other recreational activities for minors by managers of OOO Park-Hotel Syamozero. Among other things there were violations of sanitation requirements to the keeping and operation of stationary summer camps. Despite all this, the regional Rospotrebnadzor issued OOO Park-hotel Syamozero certificate of conformity which allowed the camp to continue operating. This way, the tragedy became possible owing to Kovalenko’s failure to discharge his duty.

The investigators are looking into the auction which had resulted in the Moscow department of labor and social protection and OOO Park-hotel Syamozero to have concluded a contract on organization of holidays for 1,476 children in the summer 2016, or any other information related to the operation of camp. They are going through the information on possible improper conditions in the camp. If you know anything about it we are asking to report it to the investigators immediately: Karelia - 8 (921) 629-32-39, Moscow - 8 (800) 100-12-60, 8 (800) 200-19-10.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                          V.I. Markin