Probe finished against 18 members of gang accused of evading paying over 640 million rubles in customs duties

The Head Office of the Investigative Committee has finished an investigation against businessman Dmitry Zarubin, Oleg Panov, Oleg Nikonov, Irina Zarubin, Lilia Vorobyova, Svetlana Yakovleva, Vladislav Bagayev and other persons – 18 people in all. Depending on the role of each one, they are charged with setting up, heading and membership in a gang under Parts 1 and 2 of Article 210 and evasion of paying customs duties committed by an organized group on an especially large scale under Part 4 of Article 194 of the RF Criminal Code.

According to investigators, in 2014, Dmitry Zarubin set up a gang to commit major economic crimes and involved in it other persons as heads of its cells. According to Zarubin’s scheme, the members of the gang registered and found legal entities engaged in wholesale trade, transportation services and other kinds of activities not banned by the law. Then, using controlled firms, they imported consumer goods and electronics from Finland to Saint Petersburg using forged documents for low-tax goods – crushed granite, products of plain concrete and others.

Then, using internal customs transit procedure, the gangsters put the vehicle with the goods in a controlled transfer storehouse on the way from the border to the customs registration point. There, they tore away seals and replaced the imported goods with cover goods stated in the shipping documents they showed during internal customs transit procedure. After that, the truck was sealed with forged seals and proceeded to the point where internal customs transit procedure was closed. Menawhile, the consumer goods and electronics were placed in another truck and were transported to Moscow and Moscow Region with forged documents and there were sold at markets, in shopping centers and online. After customs registration the cover goods were returned to the transfer storehouse to be used next time.

The gang evaded paying more than 640 million rubles in customs duties.

The investigators took steps to compensate for the damage – they arrested the property of the accused, including real estate, vehicles, watches and others.

Operational support was provided by the Russian Federal Customs Service and Federal Security Service.

The investigators have enough evidence, so the indictment has been signed.


Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                              S. Petrenko