Alexander Bastrykin congratulates professor of law of St. Petersburg State University Yuri Tolstoy on 90th birthday

At today’s conference “Jurisprudence as Art” held at the Saint Petersburg State University, Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexandre Bastrykin congratulated Soviet and Russian legal scholar, professor of civil law at the faculty of law of the Saint Petersburg State University, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and teacher of many generations of lawyers Yuri Tolstoy on his 90th birthday.

Speaking about high achievements of the famous scientist, Mr. Bastrykin noted Mr. Tolstoy’s contribution in protection of statehood as a member of the USSR Committee for Constitutional Supervision when the country was going through hard times, and pointed out the importance of balanced approach to implementation of different institutions of Anglo-Saxon law advocated by Mr. Tolstoy. The Chairman also noted importance of Roman law and European legal culture and called to remember traditions of Russian law, which is based on the necessity to seek justice, in the first place, as the first source of the Russian law was called Russian Justice.

Mr. Bastrykin also stressed that he always remembers Mr. Tolstoy as “the teacher who gives his students parental care, as a person who wonderfully embodies the passing nature of a true Leningrader and resident of St. Petersburg. Mr. Tolsoty is St. Petersburg intelligence incarnate, patient, tolerant and with universal talent.”

Mr. Bastrykin awarded Mr. Tolstoy with medals For Assistance and Consolidation of Companionship-in-Arms and presents and souvenirs.