Investigators reveal stepfather involved in torturing girl in Voronezh Region

The Voronezh Region Office of the Investigative Committee continues looking into criminal cases opened against 22-year-old local woman suspected of torture under Part 2, item “d” of Article 117 and her 37-year-old boyfriend suspected of using force against a law-enforcer under part 1 of Article 318 of the RF Criminal Code.

The investigation against the woman who tortured her daughter is being supervised by Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. For thorough and impartial investigation, the case was taken from district investigators and passed on to the major cases office No 1 of the Committee’s Voronezh Region Office.

As became known earlier. From August to 22 September 2017, the young woman living in a settlement in Buturlinovka District, Voronezh Region beat her 5-year-old daughter. It was revealed on 22 September 2017, by a juvenile inspector of the Buturlinovka District Police Office during a checkup. The woman’s boyfriend was drunk and unhappy that a police officer was in his house, so he pushed the officer in the back. The woman fell and suffered injuries.

The investigators found out that the girl suffered beating in July 2015. She suffered bruises on her lower back and thighs.

The Voronezh Region Office of the Investigative Committee opened an investigation in torture under part 2, item “d” of Article 117 of the RF Criminal Code. Both torture cases were combined to form a single lawsuit.

The 5-year-old girl was interviewed in presence of a psychologist and employees of social services and said that it was her stepfather who had beaten her. Her mother confirmed adding that she had had to slander herself because she was afraid that the man would get back at her and her children.

The investigators have gotten other evidence against the man. He was detained in accordance with Articles 91-92 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code and was charged. He denies all the charges. The investigators are going to ask courts to place the accused in custody pending trial.

The investigators continue taking necessary measures to find out all the circumstances surrounding the crimes and register the evidence. The investigation continues.