Investigative Committee Chairman personally congratulates management and staff of Emergency Children’s Surgery and Traumatology Research Institute on 30th anniversary of its neurosurgery and neurotrauma unit

The Russian Investigative Committee closely cooperates with medical workers not only regarding collaboration with forensic medical experts during investigations, but regarding rehabilitation of children suffered from crimes. The Emergency Children’s Surgery and Traumatology Research Institute of the Moscow Health Department provides invaluable aid in helping young patients. The Institute is celebrating today the 30th anniversary of one of its leading units – neurosurgery and neurotrauma, which can examine and treat babies as young as 1-month-old suffering from almost any kind of disease of the central and peripheral nervous system 24/7. The Chairman and other employees of the Investigative Committee have attended celebratory events.

At the meeting with the staff of the Institute, also known as Doctor Roshal’s Clinic, the Chairman thanked representatives of “one of the most noble and selfless professions, those, who do not spare their time and despite their personal troubles, still give our children hope to live.” He said that the Institute is a unique medical facility with the state-of-art equipment. Nevertheless, “success in fighting for the life of children depends not only on modern instruments, but on professionalism and kind hearts of medical workers in the first place – administration, doctors, scientists, nurses, who reach high results thanks to benevolent and caring attitude to people.” Mr. Bastrykin demands the same from his subordinates, who face people’s troubles every day. That care displayed in difficult situations helps all of us to remain humans and true professionals.

Mr. Bastrykin noted that thanks to the close-knit team and kind hearts of the Institute’s staff headed by Leonid Roshal, children severely wounded during military conflicts can rehabilitate in the clinic. Such work is beyond politics: “You show special care and love to the children wounded during military operations in Donbass. The main thing for you is to return those kids their health whatever their nationality or citizenship. You do that hard work with honor as there is nothing more precious than life!” The tragedy of children suffering in southeast Ukraine made closer many people, including best representatives of Russian medicine and staff of the Investigative Committee. Mr. Bastrykin shared his expressions after his first visit to the clinic when he “saw a lot of children with most serious war wounds, who came from Donbass and Luhansk and was astonished at what those children had to go through.” But then time passed and miracles started to happen. He told the story of Vanya Voronovo as an example: “I remember when we came into his ward for the first time. I was shocked and did not believe that anything could be done to treat him.” The Chairman still regularly visits the boy and the last time he opened the door himself and showed how he can do many things by himself now, and talked to Mr. Bastrykin.

The story of Pasha Arkhipov from Novgorod Region is as amazing as the one of Vanya. The boy suffered serious injuries after an appointment with a dentist. Mr. Bastrykin also remembered his first visit to the boy and when he came to see him some time later after specialists of Dr. Roshal’s Clinic had treated him. The Chairman said: the most important thing in all those stories is that “they are not frequent cases, but your high achievements.”

Dr. Roshal, a luminary in Russian medicine and a doctor known in the whole world, has been heading the Institute for 14 years.

Mr. Bastrykin awarded Dr. Roshal with a letter of commendation and medal “For Loyalty to Duty” for his approach to treating children, his amazing wish to help and treat those who come to him as a last resort, for rehabilitation of children who suffered from crimes and other kind deeds. He said that not every person is able to respond to a cry of help even once, but only those who truly care about children can choose it as a profession and lifework: “If Dr. Roshal can help children with words and deeds, he offers his help or just does what is necessary.”

Mr. Bastrykin noted that investigators of the Investigative Committee and doctors are united by a common cause and common problem: “We are there where there is a trouble, a tragedy; where there is very little time to make a choice; where there is salvation; where there is will power, spirit and wish to help those around you, to save a person.” On behalf of all the officers of the Investigative Committee, he congratulated the team of the neurosurgery and neurotrauma unit, as well as administration of the clinic on the anniversary of their fine work and wished them success in the fight for lives of their young patients. The staff said words of gratitude to the senior officials and employees of the Investigative Committee for their role in protecting children,

Deputy medical and economic director Svetlana Valiullina and head of the neurosurgery and neurotrauma unit Zhanna Semyonova were awarded medals “For Assistance”. Some other employees of the institute received letters of commendations and presents.

Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                            Svetlana Petrenko