Investigators taking steps to compensate for damage caused to people by former managers of Kliyentsky Bank

The Head Office of the Investigative Committee continues investigation into embezzlement by top management of Kliyentsky Bank of more than 1 billion rubles of depositors, including Oleg Tabakov and Nikolai Domoratsky. Former chairman of board of directors of the bank Alexander Kelnovsky, president Andrei Lopatov and deputy president Ilya Volosevich are under investigation.

According to investigators, in May 2014, Klenovsky, Lopatov, Volosevich and other unidentified employees of the bank acted as an organized group and embezzled the bank’s money by transferring it to accounts of controlled companies. They then spent the money as they saw it fit. To make it look legitimate, the group had concluded loan contracts with the controlled companies and people, who weren’t aware of their criminal intentions. They then removed the documents to conceal the embezzlement.

Klenovsky has been put under house arrest, while Lopatov and Volosevich are wanted. The investigators have taken measures to arrest the property of the accused to compensate for the damage.

Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                  Svetlana Petrenko