In Sochi, several probes launched into city administration officials, bailiff, and director of Vodokanal

The Krasnodar Regional Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation launched a probe into deputy head of Sochi Administration Ivan Bomberger suspected of exceeding official powers (Part 1 of Article 286 of the Criminal Code of Russia). According to the investigators, the official, while lacking enough legal gounds, had issued a permit for construction of an apartment housing complex within the power line restricted area, risking a man-caused emergency and cutting of the electricity supply, and risking for Kubanenergo PJSC to damage its facilities.

In addition, a probe was launched into former first deputy head of Sochi Administration Mugdin Chermit. According to the investigators, he had groundlessly issued a permit to commission an 18-storey apartment building, which had been subject to demolition.

A perpetrator in the probe into negligence was Head of Architecture, Urban Development and Improvement Department of the city Administration Vladimir Malov. According to the investigators, in September 2016, the man had failed to assess the compliance of the apartment building by Livadia LLC to design and town-planning regulations, as well as to the results of engineering surveys made when it had been commissioned; and had negotiated a settlement with the organization. At that, the construction had not been finished, and the complex had not been equipped with a fire protection system.

The bailiff of the Adler District Department of Sochi Federal Bailiff Service Directorate of Russia had acted negligently and failed to take measures to force the debtor to comply with the requirements of the building demolition, as part of the enforcement proceedings. A probe was launched into his abuse of authority.

Director of the Sochi Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal” Sergey Vinarsky had groundlessly agreed upon a contract to connect the apartment building to the water supply system free of charge.

Searches were conducted at workplaces and residences of the perpetrators.

The deputy head of Sochi Administration, bailiff, and director Vodokanal were detained; the investigator intends to go to court with a motion to keep them in custody.

The probes were launched both on materials of the investigation, and on documents provided by the regional Department of the Federal Security Service and prosecution agencies.

The investigative actions are being taken to define all the circumstances of the committed offense. The criminal investigation is ongoing.