Alexander Bastrykin gives lecture to International Law students of MGIMO

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin gave a lecture on “International Aspects of Work of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation” to students of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

At the beginning, Alexander Bastrykin thanked Rector of MGIMO Anatoly Torkunov and the leadership of the International Law School for arranging of the event that had become a good tradition and for another opportunity to speak before students of one of the highest-profile universities of the country.

The Chairman opened his lecture with priority tasks of the Committee’s international operations. He noted that the Committee’s priority both in Russia and worldwide is to stand for its attitude, including that towards the protection of the natural and unalienable rights of Russian citizens and towards unswerving adherence to the supremacy of law.

The Chairman told about the recent large-scale international crimes and coordination of joint efforts with foreign partners in combating terrorism, as well as about agreements achieved through the fruitful international cooperation. Alexander Bastrykin informed that the Investigative Committee was working on cases such as the crash of Airbus 321 with Russian citizens aboard in Egypt in 2015; the murder of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov in December 2016; and various grave offences being committed by ISIS allies in Syria since 2015.

“In accordance with our expertise, we conduct integrated work to develop and strengthen the international cooperation in criminal judicial procedure, due to the present need in a proper response to new challenges and threats and in comprehensive combat against modern crimes,” he said.

Also, Alexander Bastrykin told about essential tasks of the inter-agency coordination with the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and about the universal assistance in the protection of the legal rights of Russia and the rights of Russian citizens worldwide.

Speaking on the importance of cooperation with international peers, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee stressed: “Our interaction with our foreign colleagues, directly under their granting of our requests on legal assistance, including that in the presence of Russian representatives, provides for performing of the required investigative activities quickly and in full and for our being granted access to criminal evidence relevant to investigations, including those attracting great attention of the public.”

Alexander Bastrykin dedicated a part of his lecture to scientific and educational activities of the Investigative Committee, now featuring an active interaction with foreign peers. According to the Chairman, students of the Academy of the Investigative Committee listen to lectures by chiefs and representatives of relevant foreign authorities, such as those of Finland, Italy and Belarus. In addition, representatives of the Committee’s Academy hold post-graduate training and practical training for investigative employees from abroad.

Closing the lecture, Alexander Bastrykin noted that the Investigative Committee would continue its energetic cooperation with international law enforcement agencies and Russian diplomats in order to grant protection of the Russian rights worldwide. Following the lecture, Alexander Bastrykin wished professional success for the good of the Fatherland to the students.