Alexander Bastrykin holds a class for students of Saint Petersburg State University

Within the framework of the elective course "Search. Inquiry. Investigation" the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin delivered another lecture to the students of the Saint Petersburg State university. The lecture was devoted to search for convicted and suspected persons. 

The format of the class was unusual for the students: an introductory film about all key areas and results of work of the Investigative Committee was used as visual material. 

Students learnt about the process of establishment of the independent investigative agency from the idea stage and go acquainted with quotes from archive documents. The future lawyers also studied the structure of the Investigative Committee and categories of crimes investigated by investigators of the Committee: grave and especially grave offences including murders and terrorist acts; crimes involving non-payment of social allowances and wages; offenses involving corruption and tax evasion; offences committed by and against minors. The film featured process of investigation of high-profile cases: terrorist act in Volgograd; crash of Neva Express;  fire in Perm cafe "Khromaya Loshad"; crimes of Tsapi gang; embezzlements and other offences of former Sakhalin Governor Alexander Horoshavin, etc. Students watched about advance high-technology equipment used by the Investigative Committee of Russia to solve crimes including past years crimes and about the Committee activities in investigation of crimes against civilians is South Ossetia and Donbass and against Russian military officers in Syria. 

The film also showed work for protection of rights of children and least socially protected categories of people and highlighted significance of direct personal interaction with citizens.  A separate part of the film was devoted to officers killed in the line of duty and to young heroes: Ivan Krapivin, Evgeniy Tabakov, Danil Sadykov and Andrey Kasimov.

As the Chairman noted, the demonstrated material reflects all the realities that stand behind the challenging profession of an investigator that requires high working capacities, humanity and psychological preparation. The film will help students to form a coherent vision of the place of the Investigative Committee of Russia in the Russian law enforcement system; it's role in the system of agencies responsible for legal prosecution; protection of rights and lawful interests of citizens and state; and of tackling of other global tasks enthrusted to the Committee.