Sakha Republican Investigations Directorate awards ten-year-old boy for saving four children

At night on November 18, 2018, a fire happened in an apartment on Khadaga Street of Suntar rural settlement of Suntar District of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). At that moment, there were the landlady, her three children - two 11-year-old boys and their seven-year-old sister - as well as their guests, ten-year-old Arian and his five-year-old sister. Arian was the only one waken by the fire. Having found the fire, the boy did not lose his nerve, woke everyone in the apartment, and opened a window through which he himself led all the children outside.

The brave boy made sure that the children were safe and then went to the neighbouring house to report an emergency to its residents who called the fire brigade.

Unfortunately, the owner of the apartment died trying to put out the fire by herself.

However, the prompt actions of four-grader Arian who showed vigour and nerve in the emergency saved the children’s lives.

The Sakha Republican Investigations Directorate opened a criminal inquiry into the fire incident. The investigators could not have let the boy’s act fade, so on December 14, 2018, Arian Alekseev was awarded with an honoured certificate for his courage, vigour and heroism shown in the saving of the children, in front of investigative officers and upon instruction of the Chief of the Republican Investigations Directorate. Also, the investigators presented him with a soccer ball, having found out that he was doing sports, including soccer, professionally.