Investigative Authorities of the IC of Russia Continue to Establish Circumstances of Injury to Citizens Resulting from Ice and Snow Falling from Roofs in Several Regions

Investigative authorities of the IC of Russia continue to establish the circumstances of injury to citizens as a result of snow and ice falling from the roofs of buildings in a number of regions.

Thus, the investigative authorities of the Investigative Department of the IC of Russia for Leningrad Oblast have charged the chief engineer of JSC Paper Factory “Kommunar” with committing a crime under Part 2 of Article 143 of the Criminal Code (violation of labor protection rules that caused the death of a person by negligence). As previously reported, on February 7, 2022, an ice block fell from the roof on a 63-year-old worker on the territory of JSC Paper Factory “Kommunar.” The man died of his injuries at the place of occurrence. Within the criminal case, an inspection of the place of occurrence was carried out, as well as a search in the premises of JSC Paper Factory “Kommunar,” during which regulatory, technical and staff documentation related to the organization of the workflow and labor protection, as well as maintenance of buildings and structures in the factory territory, was seized. The investigators established that the chief engineer of JSC Paper Factory “Kommunar” was responsible for the proper and timely maintenance of buildings and structures, including in winter, but failed to perform them, which led to the employee's death. The investigative authority has selected a pre-trial restriction in the form of a pledge not to leave town and to behave properly. In addition, a submission was filed with the board of directors of JSC Paper Factory “Kommunar” in connection with improper control over the activities of officials who manage and organize labor protection at the enterprise.

In addition, following the pre-investigation check on the report of the fall of an ice block on a baby stroller in Luga, Leningrad Oblast, a criminal case was initiated on a possible crime under Part 1 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code (provision of services that do not meet the requirements for the safety of consumers' life or health). The investigators found that according to the management agreement of apartment building No. 53, concluded between OJSC Nash Dom and owners of the premises in the apartment building at 53, Kievskaya Street, Luga, Leningrad Oblast, OJSC Nash Dom assumed obligations to provide services and perform work to ensure proper maintenance and repair of common property, as well as provision of housing services, including removal of snow and ice from roofs. Despite the fact that the house residents filed repeated requests for the need to remove snow, ice, and icicles from the house roof, OJSC Nash Dom did not organize the work on fencing the dangerous areas near the house, as well as cleaning the roof from snow and ice. The investigation of the criminal case continues.

In Novgorod Oblast, as a result of untimely cleaning of the roof by an organization responsible for servicing an apartment building in the town of Chudovo, snow and ice fell on a woman and her son born in 2016, who were entering the building. As a result, the child suffered a trauma to the soft tissues of the head. Following this incident, an investigator of the ID of the IC for Novgorod Oblast initiated a criminal case on a possible crime under Part 1 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code (provision of services that do not meet the requirements for the safety of consumers' life or health). A criminal case on the fact of ice falling on a woman with a stroller carrying a child on Oktyabrskaya Street in Veliky Novgorod is also being investigated. In addition, an inspection is being carried out following a report of February 9, 2022 stating that an ice block fell on a woman from the roof of house No. 15, Popova Street, Veliky Novgorod.

A criminal case has been initiated in Smolensk Oblast following the injuring of a 49-year-old woman (Part 1 of Article 238 of the Criminal Code – performing works or rendering services that do not meet the requirements for the safety of consumers' life or health). On February 8, 2022, employees of JSC Zhilishchnik were clearing snow and ice from the roof of house No. 1, Rumyantseva Street, Smolensk, and, failing to ensure the safety of this work for citizens' life and health by creating a safe passage near the above mentioned house, they allowed ice from the roof to fall on a local resident's head, as she was passing along the sidewalk. As a result, the injured person was hospitalized in a healthcare facility with a bodily injury to the head.

In Saratov Oblast, an inspection was organized following a media report on the descent of a snow mass on February 11, 2022 from the roof of house No. 16, Mezhdunarodnaya Street, Saratov, as a result of which a 46-year-old man was injured. In Tver Oblast, a pre-investigation check has been organized following a report about a minor born in 2004 suffering soft tissue bruises of the head as a result of snow and ice falling on her from the roof of a building located on Trekhsvyatskaya Street, Tver. In addition, on February 4, 2022, while workers were clearing snow and ice from the roof of a residential building located on Prospekt Pobedy, Tver, a block of ice fell on a man leaving the house, which resulted in various bodily injuries. In Kaluga Oblast, the investigators are investigating the incident of a child born in 2008 being injured on Kirova Street, Kaluga, as a public transport stop collapsed due to accumulation of snow masses on February 10, 2022.

Earlier, the Chairman of the IC of Russia instructed the heads of regional departments to give an objective legal evaluation to actions of persons responsible for timely removal of snow within the inspections and investigations of criminal cases and to report on the results.