The IC of Russia Will Request Information From the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation About the Egregious Facts of the Use of Healthcare Facilities by the Armed Forces of Ukraine to Deploy Weapons

The Investigative Committee of Russia will request from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation new data on numerous egregious facts of the ill-treatment of the civilian population by the Kiev authorities and the use of healthcare facilities by Ukrainian armed groups to turn them into fortified strongholds and deploy heavy weapons.

According to reports, armored vehicles and artillery have been deployed in large numbers in Polyclinic #3 of Kramatorsk, the Donetsk People’s Republic, and on the territory of City Hospital #1 in Lisichansk, the Lugansk People’s Republic. The militants of the Ukrainian armed formations also equipped firing positions, deployed artillery and MLRS on the territory of the TB Dispensary and the Central City Hospital in Slavyansk, the Donetsk People’s Republic. Also, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have equipped a stronghold in the building of the oncological dispensary in Odessa. In doing so, the military forced all patients – including seriously ill patients – to leave the medical facility. These facts once again demonstrate the complete disregard of the generally recognized norms of morality and international humanitarian law by the Ukrainian military.

The reports will be recorded by the investigators of the IC of Russia as part of the investigation of criminal cases on the crimes committed by the Kiev regime. A criminal and legal assessment will be given to the actions of all involved persons.