Investigators collecting evidence of Ilya Kargintsev's murder in USA

The Central Investigative Department of the Russian IC is continuing investigation into murder of the Russian underage citizen Ilya Kargintsev, named Isaak Jonathan Dykstra, after being adopted in the USA.

On the IC Chairman’s instructions an investigator has sent to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Ombudsman for Children’s Rights and Interpol National Central Bureau at the Interior Ministry in Russia appeals to receive documentation and detailed information on the results of USA investigation into Ilya’s murder, and results of medical and other expert examinations carried out while the child was alive and after his death.

At the same time the proposals to co-operate with the investigation were sent to Presidential Advisor, Head of the President’s Council of Human Rights M.A. Fedotov, Russian Human Rights Ombudsman V.V. Lukin, Russian Children’s Rights Ombudsman P.A. Astakhov, RF Public House Secretary Y.P. Velikhov, Chairperson of the Regional Non-State Organization “Moscow-Helsinki Group” L.M. Alekseyeva, Board Chairperson of the Regional Non-State Organization “Children’s Rights” B.L. Altshuler, Board Chairperson of Russian Children in Need Fund M.V. Gordeyeva, President of the National Fund for the Protection of Children against Abuse Yegorova M.O.

Obtained information confirms the version of the child’s being slaughtered. Investigators have the testimony of a person who has personally investigated the case of Ilya Kargintsev’s death. The US official was “shocked at foster parents’ actions”. In his words, when the unconscious child was delivered at the hospital, the brain trauma had been so serious that part of brain tissue was coming out of the child’s ears. It was confirmed that intensive care doctors at the Iowa University Hospital had called the death on 14 August 2005 and testified in the court that injuries had been inflicted on the same day and had not resulted from the fall two days earlier, as Brian Dykstra had been insisting on. One more shocking fact was that, according to prosecutor’s information, the adoptive parents had agreed to the child’s organs to be taken out for transplantation, but the doctors had thought it a risky operation. As US prosecutor’s spokesmen believe, further actions of the foster parents – they moved to another state and buried the child without a gravestone – is the proof of their efforts to conceal the evidence of the crime and avoid publicity. Unfortunately all these facts were insufficient for the US justice to convict the adoptive farther for the boy’s murder. Brian Dykstra was acquitted. 

Despite such obvious facts of the crime the US authorities are taking their time to assist the Russian investigators in collecting the evidence of Ilya Kargintsev’s murder.

The Russia’s Investigative Committee strongly disagrees with such and attitude and is determined to continue collecting evidence necessary to prosecute the adoptive parents in line with Russian laws and by means of Interpol resources.