In Moscow criminal proceeding launched over swindling in implementation of state contract concluded with Ministry of Defense

The Main Military Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee against persons implementing managerial functions in OAO Slavyanka (OJSC) and ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz (Security and Communications) (CJSC) and officials of RF Ministry of Defense has initiated a criminal case over signs of a crime under part 4 of article 159 of the RF Criminal Code (swindling on an especially large scale).

According to investigators, in December 2010, a state contract on comprehensive maintenance of buildings of military ministry was concluded between the RF Ministry of Defense and ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz. Under the contract the commercial organization during 2011-2012, undertook to carry out complex maintenance of engineer systems, cleaning of the inside and premises. The facilities to be maintained included a building at the address: 14, Kolymazhsky Pereulok, Moscow.

Under another state contract the same building in the period between February 2011 and July 2012 was subject to a capital repair with dismantling of all engineering systems. Though no works to maintain this building were conducted, the officials of the Ministry of Defense, OAO Slavyanka and ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz signed fictitious statements of completion and fee invoices, on the basis of which 52.6 million rubles was unreasonably transferred to businessmen.

At present under the article 91 of the RF Criminal Procedure Code the CEO of OAO Slavyanka, who is also a founder of ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz, Alexander Yelkin and Yulia Rotanova, who in fact acted as CEO aide in ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz are detained.

During the investigation the flats and offices of persons acting as managers in OAO Slavyanka and ZAO Bezopasnost i Svyaz and officials of the RF Ministry of Defense were searched. Many documents relevant for the case were seized, including electronic data storage devices and title documents for the real estates. About 4.6 million US dollars and almost 130 million rubles were seized from many bank lockboxes opened for Rotanova and her relatives. Investigation is to be continued.