CEO of municipal unitary enterprise Bryansk City Water Services Company and former chief engineer of the enterprise charged with death of a child in a sewer to appear in court in Bryansk

The Bryansk Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have completed investigating a criminal case against CEO of municipal unitary enterprise Bryansk City Water Services Company Alexander Neshkov and former chief engineer of the enterprise Igor Panov. They are charged with a crime under part 2 of article 109 of the RF Criminal Code (infliction of death by negligence owing to the improper discharge by a person of his professional duties).

According to investigators, on 8 January 2012, around 1 p.m. as a result of destruction of a pipe of the sewer and collapse of pavement near the monument to Pilots in Sovetsky district of Bryansk, a woman with her 18-month-old son in a pram standing on the pavement fell down. The woman survived, by the baby was taken away further to the sewer by flows of water. The baby’s body was found a day later at a sewage disposal plant in several kilometers away from the incident scene.

As a preliminary investigation showed, the collapse was caused by inobservance in Bryansk City Water Services Company the norms of technical maintenance of the sewer. The information on emergency condition of the sewer, which had been placed in operation in 1967, was received in 2007 after an expert examination using video equipment. The results showed decrease of durability and loss of lead-carrying ability by the concrete pipe of the sewer. However, the responsible persons had not timely organized necessary repairs, which were carried out only after death of the baby. The enterprise did not meet the requirements of annual video examinations either. As a result the top part of the pipe carcass was completely destroyed by gas corrosion and the thinned concrete walls failed to carry the natural pressure of the earth layer above. Thus, neither CEO of the enterprise responsible for timely renovation of the sewer, nor chief engineer personally responsible for accidents, duly fulfilled their official duty.

Investigators have gathered enough evidence and the case with the approved indictment was forwarded to the court to be tried on the merits.