Congratulation of Alexander Bastrykin on Investigator Day

I sincerely congratulate state officials, workers, cadets and students of the universities of the Russia’s Investigative Committee, all veterans with the Russian Investigator Day!

Since Peter the Great era the Russian investigative authorities have acquired a reputation as a leading link of the law-enforcement system and have made vivid examples of committed labor, courage and heroism of its officials for which won authority, love and respect among Russian people.

Loyalty to good traditions of senior generation, committed and honest discharge of their duty allow all officials of investigative authorities solve their tasks and protect constitutional rights of citizens and interests of the society, lead uncompromising battle against crime.

Celebrating our professional holiday we are paying tribute to and recognizing merits of hour fellows, who gave their lives in the line of duty. We will always remember them as heroes who stayed loyal to their homeland and oath.

I express special gratitude to the veterans who are still in our ranks sharing their knowledge and priceless experience with young generation of investigators and are fully involved in their development.

My biggest thanks go to investigators’ families for their patience, love, understanding and support.

I am sure that each official of the Russia’s Investigative Committee will stay a model of professionalism, loyalty to duty and honor.

I wish you all sound health, happiness, self-control, optimism and new successes in serving to law and our country!

Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee

Colonel General of Justice                                                                                                                         A.I. Bastrykin