Probe against CEO of company charged with overdue wages finished in Amur Region

The Amur Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have finished investigation against CEO of OOO Firm Stroyindustria-S Sergey Terentyev. He is Charged with crimes under part 2 of article 145.1 of the RF Penal Code (not paying wages for over two months) and part 4 of article 160 (embezzlement).

According to investigators, Terentyev while heading OOO Firm Stroyindustria-S employed to construct some venues of Vostochny space launching site did not pay wages for January 2015 to his workers for over two months. The total sum of the debt amounted to over 3 million rubles.

In addition, from late November 2014 to early April 2015, Terentyev embezzled over 5.9 million rubles received by OOO Firm Stroyindustria-S under a contract on implementing some works at Vostochny space launch site.

The investigators have enough evidence, so the criminal case with the approved indictment will soon be sent to court to be tried on the merits.