Statement regarding probe into death of people at Severnaya coal mine

The press service of the Head of the Komi Republic has today posted a report that acting head of the region Sergei Gaplikov publicly demanded to conduct a maximum open investigation into the causes of the disaster at the Severnaya coal mine that claimed human lives.

First of all, an investigator is a procedurally independent person and when launching and conducting an investigation he or she is guided by the law “On the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation” and the criminal procedure laws. No official, except for the senior officials of the Investigative Committee, can demand anything from the investigator. The Investigative Committee is a federal state authority subordinate directly to the President of the Russian Federation.

This is why, instead of making empty and noncommittal statements, the administration of the republic should assist the investigation in every possible way or better should have made claims and controlled the operation of its subordinate executive authorities in charge of safety at coal mines before such a tragedy happened.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                V.I. Markin