Investigative Committee Chairman orders checking if flat legally taken away from elderly woman in Volgograd

On 14 April, one of federal TV channels showed a story about an elderly woman from the city of Volgograd, whose house had burned a few years ago. After the woman had asked the Russian President, the administration gave her a flat two years ago, however, no contract of social rent was concluded with the woman. At present, new city authorities intend to return the flat to municipal ownership, claiming that the woman occupies the flat illegally.

Following the order of the Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee, a check has been launched to look into those facts and to give legal assessment to the actions or omission of the officials in charge of settling housing issues and decision making. Mr. Bastrykin has assumed personal control over the check.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                      V.I. Markin