Final charges pressed against four suspects of killing Andrei Gosht and 5 members of his family in Samara Region

The third department of the Central Administration of the Investigative Committee based in the city of Nizhny Novgorod has finished investigative operations related to the case opened over the murder of the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Samara Region Directorate of the Interior Ministry Andrei Gosht and 5 of his family members and the attempt to kill his minor niece. Makhmadali Akhmadov, 23, Roman Fataliyev, 23, Islam Babayev, 21 and Orkhan Zokhrabov, 23 have been charged with crimes under Part 4, items “a”, “c” of Article 162 of the RF Penal Code, Part 2, items “a”, “g” and “h” of Article 105, part 3 of Article 30, Part 2, items “a”, “c”, “g” and “h” of Article 105 (robbery, murder of two or more people; attempted murder of a minor).

Dead bodies of two men and four women were found on the morning of 24 April 2016 with signs of violent death in a house in the village of Ivashevka, Syzran District, Samara Region. The victims are the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Samara Region Directorate of the Interior Ministry and his relatives. A 7-year-old girl, Gosht’s niece, was taken from the murder scene to a hospital in grave condition. At present she is still being treated.

Since the very beginning the investigators had the task to conduct the most careful investigation within minimum of time. Thanks to well-organized, methodical and consistent work of the investigative team and officials of the Samara Region Office of the Federal Security Service and Department of the Ministry of the Interior, the investigators managed to identify and detain all the persons involved in the crimes within 10 days, as well as to figure out all the details, restore the events that took place before and after the crimes, to gather a lot of evidence, to find stashes of stolen items.

The investigators revealed that the accomplices had arrived in the settlement of Ivashevka and agreed to rob one of the families. On the night of 24 April 2016, they broke into the Gosht’s property through a hole in the fence and entered the house as the door was not locked. They moved from room to room and hit the sleeping members of the family with baseball bat and a spade handle. After the murder the accomplices stole some items from the house that were not very valuable and took off.

Within a very short time the investigators conducted over 800 questionings, 120 searches and confiscations, 50 examinations of crime scenes, documents and items and ran 230 forensic DNA, dactylographic, medical and other inquiries. The investigators looked carefully into all possible reasons for the crime and the robbery version was confirmed.

The accused have been notified about the end of the investigative operations. They, the victims and their lawyers are going to get the criminal files to read. After they have finished reading them, the case with the indictment will be referred to court.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                           V.I. Markin