In Irkutsk Region, people suspected of death of inmates of psychoneurologiccal care home charged with negligence

The Irkutsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee has charged director and deputy director of Cheremkhovo Psychoneurological Care Home and the head Cheremkhovo and Alarsky Districts branch of the Irkutsk Region Office of the Consumer Protection Inspectorate with a crime under Part 3 of Article 293 of the RF Penal Code (negligence entailing death of two or more people).

Following the request of investigators a court has ruled to put the deputy director of the care home and the head of the local customer protection authority under house arrest pending trial. The director of the care home will get restraint after she is discharged from a hospital where she is now being treated.

In late July 2016, a mass food poisoning occurred in the psychoneurological care home which left 4 children dead. Between 24 July and 22 August 2016, 53 inmates were taken to hospitals. By now four of them are dead, five more are in resuscitation unit.

At the present moment the investigators continue looking into the details of the crime and identifying the officials whose actions (omission) led to the fact that the care home had no proper medical service. The investigation is ongoing.

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