In Moscow Region, six young men found guilty of major hate crimes

A court has recognized the evidence gathered by the Moscow Interregional Transport Investigative Authority sufficient to convict 6 residents of Moscow Region aged between 17 and 19 years, who were underage at the moment of crime. Depending on the role of each one they were found guilty of crimes under Part 2 of Article 280 (public calls for extremism committed using the Internet), Part 3, item “a” of Article 111 (deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm), Part 4 of Article 111 (deliberate infliction of grievous bodily harm entailing death of a victim by negligence), Part 2 of Article 213 of the RF Penal Code (hooliganism, committed by a group of people in collision).

Investigators have revealed that a 17-year-old resident of Moscow Region in February 2015 developed negative attitude to the people with non-Slavic appearance and decided to give publicity to his nationalistic ideas and views posted on his personal page in a collective chat statements that according to an expert contained urges to take part in the White Car campaign scheduled for 14 February 2015.

The target of the said campaign was haunting and beating people with non-Slavic appearance in railway cars and on railway stations in Moscow Region and the city of Moscow, ie violence against representatives of non-Slavic national groups. Members of the said chat saw those statements and met on the said day in the foyer of the Moscow metro station. They then headed to Silikatnaya and Chekhov stations of Moscow-Kursk direction of the Moscow Railway, where they beat two men. One of the victims died of injuries.

In addition, 3 of the accused had conspired with other people and on 6 February 2016, used knives, brass-knuckles, sticks and maces to beat a man on square in Moscow.

The court has sentenced the young man calling for extremism and who committed hooliganism to 1.5 years in a minimum-security correctional facility, the one who was underage at the moment of the crime – to 4.5 years in a juvenile colony, the 19-year-old accused to 2 years in a minimum-security correctional facility, three others 4 years in a minimum-security correctional facility.