Deputy Head of Fedeal Agency for Tourism convicted in stealing over 29 billion rubles from International Industrial Bank

The evidence gathered by investigators of the Moscow Directorate of the Investigative Committee is seen as sufficient by court to pronounce a sentence to former general director of OPK Development Dmitry Amunts. He is found guilty of embezzlement in a large amount, committed by an organized group under Part 5 of Article 33, Part 4 of Article 160 of RF Penal Code.

The investigation and a court have revealed that in period from 2008 to 2009, the member of t he Federation Council of the Russian Federation Sergei Pugachev has organized a criminal group, which included the Chairman of Executive Board of the International Industrial Bank Alexander Didienko and the general Director of the OPK Development Dmitry Amunts (now he is the deputy head of the Federal Agency for Tourism). The persons of interest engaged into criminal conspiracy and stole more than 29 billion rubles from the International Industrial Bank. Appropriation of funds was carried out via commercial organizations, including OPL Development, that had bank accounts in that bank. Role of Dmitry Amunts was in signing of sham contracts that served as basis for unjustified deposit of 29 billion rubles on the bank account of his company.

The investigation took measures to fulfill the civil suit and arrested the property and bank accounts of Dmitry Amunts on a total sum of 100 million rubles.

A court has convicted Amunts to 7 years in prison. The court also fined Amunts the sum of caused harm within the civil suit.

It is worth noting that in 2012, while being put on a position of the Councilor of the Minister of Russia, he concealed the he was still engaged into entrepreneurship. Amunts was heading organizations, registered in British Virgin Islands and in Cyprus. It was revealed during investigation, as well as mentioned in several media sources. This, despite violation of the Russian legislation, including Federal Law No.273 “On counteraction to corruption”, Amunts still in position of the deputy head of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

Didenko bargained the investigation, thus his case was separated. The court convicted Didenko to 3 years in prison.

Currently, Sergei Pugachev, who is being accused in crimes under Part 3 of Article 33, Part 4 of Article 160, Part 3 of Article 33, Part 2 of Article 201 of the RF Penal Code is put on international wanted list. A court ruled to place him in custody in absentia.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee S.L. Petrenko