Two more Ukrainian servicemen accused in absentia in shelling of civilians

Department for investigating crimes connected with use of prohibited means and methods of warfare of the Investigative Committee's Head Office has accused in absentia commander of 58th separate motorized infantry brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces colonel Sergei Zabolotny and commander of 16th separate motorized infantry battalion of 58th separate motorized infantry brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces lieutenant-colonel Oleg Gromadsky in planning to use banned beans and methods of warfare under Part 3 of Article 33, Part 1 of Article 356 of the RF Penal Code.

According to investigation, in 2016, being in the settlement of Avdeyevka of Donetsk Region, Zabolotny agreed with Gromadsky and other unidentified servicemen to use artillery to strike at civilian infrastructure and civilians. The accused acted as organizers of the crime, as their high ranking position allowed them to use their influence and make decisions to carry out artillery strikes. They also involved direct perpetrators and coordinated their actions.

In April and June of 2016 Zabolotny, Gromadsky and other persons from the brigade, fulfilled illegal orders of higher authorities of the Ukrainian Defence Minister and National Guard of Ukraine and carried out aimed artillery strikes of civilian infrastructure in the settlement of Spartak of Donetsk Region and the town of Yasinovataya. Houses were damaged and one local resident got severely injured in the strikes. This crime was committed by a generally dangerous means and putting civilians lives in danger.

The investigation continues operations to determine all accomplices of this and other crimes, perpetrated by Ukrainian Armed Forces against civilian population.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee S.L. Petrenko