In Moscow, ex-president of Ergobank to stand trial for embezzlement of over 750 million rubles

The Head Office of the Investigative Committee has finished investigative operations in the case against former president of OOO KB Ergobank Vyacheslav Barmin. He is charged with misappropriation, that is stealing of another’s property entrusted to the guilty one under Part 4 of Article 160 of the RF Criminal Code.

According to investigators, on 31 December 2015, while being president of Ergobank and having power to manage the bank’s assets, Barmin took more than 750 million rubles from the bank’s cash office. He did not return the money, but spent it as he saw fit. The investigators analyzed a large number of finance documents, questioned 40 people, conducted a number of other investigative operations and ran expert examinations which left no doubt that the accused was involved in the crime. A court arrested Barmin’s bank accounts to secure the compensation.

The case was opened last January based on the files provided by the Bank of Russia and corresponding complaint of the Deposit Insurance Agency. The Ergobank’s license was cancelled on 15 January 2016 by the order of the Bank of Russia. 

The investigators have enough evidence, so the criminal case with the signed indictment has been referred to court.