Two more accomplices in attack on school students in Buryatia arrested

The Investigative Committee continues investigation into attempted murder under Part 3 of Article 30, Part 2 of Article 105 and negligence under Article 293 of the RF Criminal Code.

According to investigators, a 9th grader threw a Molotov cocktail in a classroom where 7th graders were having a lesson. The attacker then stabbed a teacher and 5 students with a knife-bayonet and hacked them with an axe. The investigators assume that the motive for the crime was hatred the 9th grader felt for some of school teachers, as well as conflicts with other students.

All the wounded were taken to hospitals. Two of them are now in grave condition. As became known earlier, the attacker tried to kill himself, but failed and was taken to hospital as well. A court has ruled to place him in custody pending trial.

Questioning of the accused, witnesses, victims and results of other investigative operations show that the attacker acted in accomplice with his classmates aged 15 and 14. They shared his grudge, were aware about his plans and had helped to make the Molotov cocktail. They had made sure that the teacher was inside the classroom and then were on the watch during the crime.

They have already been charged and placed in custody pending trial.

The inquest continues.


Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                        Svetlana Petrenko