Investigative Committee launches a social relay event on the benefits of spending time together with children

The Investigative Committee of Russia is launching the "Take Time for Children" relay event ahead of the coming weekend to remind parents once again of the importance of communicating with their children. Every child feels our attention, which makes them know they are needed, loved and their parents enjoy spending time with them. Showing care is an important parenting strategy and will help your child build harmonious relationships with peers, teachers and colleagues in the future. 

Our children are our future, not only of their family, but of our country as a whole. It is the task of every adult to raise a child to pass on the experience and knowledge to the younger generation, to instil the right values and to give the right guidance. In the fast pace of life, in the pursuit of material possessions, while "hanging out" on our smartphones, we should not forget that we are losing precious and irrevocable time with our children.

Weekends are a great time to put aside work and enjoy happy moments with your children. The Investigative Committee is launching the #уделитевремядетям (#taketimeforchildren) relay event this coming weekend. On 25 and 26 September, participants will tag the @sledcom_rf account in their postings, posts about the weekend they spent with their children or send photos to DM. The best, most touching and original ones will be published in the agency's account!