Chairman of the IC of Russia Instructs to Analyze Information Concerning Sources of Funding Biological Weapon Development in Ukraine

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia has instructed to take into account during the investigation of the criminal case the new data published by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

According to the available data, while studying the discovered documents, experts of the Russian radiation, chemical and biological defense troops found the information confirming the involvement of the US Defense Department in development of biological weapons components in Ukraine. It is reported that a number of large organizations registered in the United States are also involved in implementation of the program, which is funded, among others, by the investment fund headed by Hunter Biden.

The reported data indicate serious systematic work on creation of weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine and work aimed at undermining the security of the Russian Federation. In this regard, the Chairman of the IC of Russia has instructed to request the available information from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to analyze it within the criminal case and to evaluate the actions of persons involved in this program from a legal standpoint.