The Investigative Committee of Russia will work hand in glove with the International Public Tribunal in Ukraine

Since 2014 the Investigative Committee of Russia documents all the evidence of the Kiev regime crimes committed against the civilians in Donbas. The criminal actions are also documented in relation to the Russian military personnel. This is an extremely labor intensive process. At the same time, many international institutions that should pay attention to the existing problems are discredited. In these conditions, it is important to consolidate the efforts of all state structures and public institutions.

One of these institutions is the International Public Tribunal in Ukraine, the social activists from more than 20 countries take part in its work. The purpose of its creation is to collect information about the crimes of the Kiev regime, including eyewitness evidence.

In accordance with the instructions of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia, the information and data, collected by the International Public Tribunal members, will be carefully studied and evaluated by the investigators along with the existing evidence. In the presence of information that is important for the investigation, it will certainly come to the criminal case materials and will become a part of the already existing evidentiary crime base of the Ukrainian military and nationalists in relation to civilians and the Russian military.

Ultimately, the collected evidence will be presented to the Court. The existing international acts in aggregate with the national statutes allow carry out a trial over the Ukrainian nationalists in various states. And the Investigation Committee of Russia is ready to submit the collected evidence to the National Court or to the specially issued tribunal in the event of a trail. In this case, the priority is to ensure its impartiality.