Investigation of criminal case against Yekaterinburg deputy mayor Viktor Konteyev and 12 of his accomplices finished in Ural Federal District

The Federal District Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee has completed familiarizing Viktor Konteyev and 12 of his accomplices charged with crimes under paragraphs “b” and “c” of part 5 of article 290, part 5 of article 33, paragraphs “b” and “c” of part 5 of article 290, paragraphs “a”, “g” and “h” of part 2 of article 105, paragraph “a” of part 3 of article 126, part 3 of article 222, paragraphs “a” and “b” of part 3 of article 163, part 3 of article 174.1 of the RF Criminal Code with the materials of the criminal case.

Preliminary investigation was conducted since March 2010 with the assistance of the Ural Federla District Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry and Sverdlovsk Region Directorate of the Federal Security Service.

Investigators found that in late 2004, the deputy mayor Viktor Konteyev extorted from CEO and member of OOO “Prodovolstvennaya baza No 4” (LLC) Tatyana Rusina through a mediator and with complicity of several people including his own wife Larisa Konteyeva, a large bribe in the form of a share in the authorized capital of the enterprise with a market cost of 77 million rubles.

After that Konteyev regularly and unofficially received part of the profit from the said organization, which owned large objects of real estate (a recreation center, a shop, a foodstuffs storehouse) located in Yekaterinburg. Considerable part of the profit was rental for providing storehouses to suppliers of fruits and vegetables.

In 2005 and 2006, Viktor Konteyev organized murders of Andrey Volkov and Valery Khudyakov, who were interfering with deliveries of fruit and vegetables for OOO “Prodovolstvennaya baza No 4” through a customs post in Petukhovo, Kurgan Region, by which prevented profit coming to the said organization controlled by Konteyev.

In 2010, Konteyev extorted from Tatyana Rusina and her daughter Yelena Rusina the rest shares in the authorized capital of OOO “Prodovolstvennaya baza No 4”, worth more than 140 million rubles. The shares were also registered by Konteyev to his authorized delegate.

After that, in 2010-2011, to legalize owning, use and disposal of the property acquired in criminal way Konteyev organized fictitious transactions resulted in that his wife and relatives became owners of all property of OOO “Prodovolstvennaya baza No 4”.

It should be noted that investigators have been working on this case under tremendous pressure from NGOs and commercial organizations, famous people and politicians, supporting Konteyev. Different information defending Konteyev was published in media under the aegis of Kpnteyev’s press-secretary. There were efforts to discredit the work of investigators by making it look like a hired one. Despite all this investigators in cooperation with operational services have collected evidence of involvement of Konteyev and his accomplices to all episodes of criminal activity.

Today the case has been sent to the prosecutor’s office for the indictment to be approved. Criminal investigation against Konteyev’s wife, who is hiding, is ongoing.