Mobile app based on Investigative Committee’s website set up

A version of the website of the Russia’s Investigative Committee for mobile devices has been created for those who are interested in the agency’s activity.

Thanks to the official mobile application “The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation” developed for Apple iOS and Google Android, users can receive current information on the activity of the Investigative Committee, investigation of resounding cases, familiarize with statutory acts, interviews and speeches of the leadership of the Committee in printed media and receive the whole information posted not only on the Committee’s website, but on the websites of all the divisions in the system of the Investigative Committee.

In addition, the application has a set of useful functions to considerably facilitate interaction with the agency. Namely, there are two options for searching the offices of the Committee: manual option (by typing in the name of the region, city, etc.) and automatic option (using the data from a built-in GPS-receiver the application finds the nearest to the user office at the time).

The application can also send an electronic application to the Investigative Committee. A photo, audio or video files made by the mobile device can be attached to the application.

If the user wants to get in touch with the Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee by direct telephone line, the application will request information on the time when such direct line is available, remind the user about it and the connection can be set up by simply pressing the button.

Using the application, in the Wanted section you can find not only information and pictures of the wanted criminals or missing people in the region, but quickly contact the representatives of the Russia’s Investigative Committee to give information of interest for the investigation.

For those who like to get first-hand information there is a blog of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, moreover the messages are available for reading and you can send comments in a format of social networks.

Each user using settings can choose the amount of information needed. In addition the application has a setting for economy of traffic, which blocks download of multimedia and pictures.

Links for downloading the application:



Head of Media Relations                                                                                                   V.I. Markin