In Moscow investigator and lawyer found guilty of bribery

Court has found the evidence gathered by Moscow Main Investigation Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee sufficient to convict former investigator of the Moscow Office of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service Natalya Bedzhanyan and lawyer of Moscow Chamber of Lawyers Yelena Dyachenko. Depending of the role of each one they are charged with crimes under part 6 of article 290 of the RF Penal Code (receiving a bribe on an especially massive scale) and part 4 of article 291.1 (mediation in bribery on an especially massive scale).

The court and investigators have found that in June 2012 Bedzhanyan was working as an investigator in the 3rd department of investigation service of Moscow Office of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service. Through an acquaintance of hers – lawyer Dyachenko she demanded a bribe of 2 million rubles from the relatives of a man, detained for drug dealing. The money was to pay for non-custodial restraint and further reclassification of the charges to less serious ones. The same day the detainee’s father gave the investigator through the lawyer 31 thousand US dollars. After that Bedzhanyan issues a release warrant and released him on recognizance. For her mediation Dyachenko received from Bedzhanyan 3 thousand 100 US dollars. Later Bedzhanyan demanded the rest of the bribe in person and made the sum larger. The detainee’s relatives refused and went to the police.

The court has sentenced Bedzhanyan to 9 and Dyachenko to 7 years in a minimum-security penal colony. As additional punishment each of them was fined on 140 million rubles to the state.