In Omsk minister of property relations wanted for exceeding office

The Omsk Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have issued an arrest warrant on the minister of property relations of the Omsk Region as part of an investigation in the facts of illegal provision by officials of the property relations department of Omsk city administration of lands in Kirov district of the city.

The minister is charged with crimes under paragraph “c” of part 3 of article 286 of the RF Penal Code (exceeding official powers, that is committing actions by an official which are obviously outside their powers and entailing considerable violation of rights and legal interests of citizens or organizations or interests of society or stat protected by laws entailing grave consequences – 6 counts).

According to investigators, in 2008-2012 the accused was first deputy director of property relations department of Omsk city administration and violating land laws committed a number of knowingly illegal actions aimed at providing 7 citizens and a commercial organization with 27 pieces of land with a total area of over 27 ha located in apartment block for gardening and at understated price. Later those lands were sold to physical persons at a price considerably higher than the initial one for construction of cottages. As a result of illegal alienation of the lands the Omsk Region and city budgets suffered considerable damage of over 400 million rubles.

In March 2014, the accused was duly notified that he must appear to the investigator, but he failed to appear at the state time and flew to Moscow for medical treatment. On 21 March the accused left the hospital without permission and the staff reported it to the police. As the accused escaped from investigators, he was put on a list of wanted for crimes.

Today the investigators have applied to a court with a petition to suspend the accused from his position.

Investigation is ongoing.