Dead body of man accused of killing two ER employees found in Crimea

The dead body of Bekir Nebiyev accused of killing a male nurse and medical assistant of an ER in the city of Simferopol, a crime under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 105 (murder of two or more people) was found today in the woods in Semfiropol District.

The body was found by children, who then reported it to the police. An investigative team set off for the scene immediately. The scene was examined, necessary inquiries to find out the cause of the man’s death were assigned. During the search a vest was found that belonged to the accused and had a gunshot hole in it, therefore, one of the main versions is suicide. To confirm this version, there was a hunting rifle lying near the body.

It was reported earlier that, on 26 September 2015, about 4 PM, a man armed with a hunting rifle walked in an ER in Sevastopolskaya street in the city of Simferopol and fired at four employees. A male nurse was killed at the scene, three medics with different wounds were taken to hospital. One of the medics was wounded in the stomach and died later, another one is in grave condition with a wound to his head, medics are fighting for his life and the last one had a slight wound to his forearm. The shooter took off in a Moskvich car.

The investigation is ongoing.