Alexander Bastrykin received citizens in Moscow

Alexander Bastrykin received citizens on 15 October 2015 in Moscow. 15 residents of Moscow Region, Udmurtia, Stavropol and Primorye Territories, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area had made an appointment.

Several resident of Moscow Region appealed to the Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee complaining about red tape or procedural decisions made on criminal investigations in investigations departments for Chekhov District, Khmiki and Donodedovo of the Moscow Region Main Investigations Directorate. Mr. Bastrykin ordered several investigators to be checked and the Moscow Region Main Investigations Directorate to investigate those cases fully and impartially.

Husband of a woman who had died two years ago after a cesarean section made at Sarapul maternity hospital in Udmurita, also complained about procrastination. The man has to raise two children. Mr. Bastrykin demanded from the senior officials of the Investigations Directorate for Udmurtia to identify all those guilty of the death of the woman, who had lost 70% of her blood within hours after the surgery, while doctors  had done nothing to save her, to finish the investigation as soon as possible and send the case to court.

In addition, representatives of a number of non-governmental organizations also appealed to the Chairman. Namely, after talking to a representative of Opora Rossii Mr. Bastrykin took under his personal control a criminal investigation in extortion, ordered investiggators of the 6th investigations department of the Main Investigations Directorate based in Khabarovsk to go to Primorye Territory to see into the case and also ordered head of the Primorye Territory Investigations Directorate to carry out a number of procedural operations in order to finish the investigation.

The Chairman also received the victim in the case over the murder of a man in the town of Korolyov, Moscow Region. The woman thanked Mr. Bastrykin for not only quick and efficient investigation, but for the sympathy of the officials of the investigations department to the victim’s relatives. The accused had received 9 years in prison for the murder.

A woman whose father had been missing for a long time came to Mr. Bastykin for the second time. During the first appointment Mr. Bastrykin had assumed personal control over the case and gave a number of explicit orders to investigators of the Moscow Interregional Transport Investigations Directorate. Thanks to efficient investigative and search operations and thorough procedural operations the investigation is now being finished with the cause of the man’s death having been found out. The woman expressed gratitude to the Chairman for the fact that investigators had found and identified her father, whose dead body was badly distorted due to the injuries caused by a train. During the investigation a number of documents are being readied to be sent to senior officials of the Russian Railways demanding to take measures to make the difficult section of the track, where not one fatal accident has already happened, safer.

During the reception Mr. Bastrykin gave a number of explicit orders to heads of territorial bodies of the Investigative Committee. The Chairman assumed personal control over review of all the complaints and appeals received.