Investigative Committee holds charity campaigns to support Donbass children

Protection of children’s interests has been one of priorities of the Investigative Committee since it was established. The task is performed by not only procedure authority, but also providing volunteer aid to the children in need of support, including those who have suffered in southeastern Ukraine. The story of Vanya Voronov left nobody untouched. Unfortunately, this is not the only case when a child was injured in southeastern Ukraine.

The officials of the Investigative Committee cannot stay indifferent to the tragedy of those children. For a long time the Investigative Committee has cooperated with the Doctor Roshal's International Charity Foundation for helping children during disasters and wars. Last year the sum of voluntary donations made by the employees of the Investigative Committee was 4.5 million rubles. This money among other funds has helped the Research Institute of Children’s Emergency Surgery and Traumatology headed by Leonid Roshal to work a lot of miracles: neurosurgeons have operated on small girl Vika hospitalized in Moscow after a missile wound and gave her a hope to restore her motor activity; Sasha has undergone a plastic surgery to remove defects of the scull caused by a missile wound and has gotten a prosthetic eye; Seryozha has undergone a very complex operation to reconstruct his thigh bone after a gunshot wound.

The children get necessary aid and after a course of medical treatment most of them leave to get back to Donbass. But there are families who have nowhere to come back to: their house has been destroyed and their badly injured children cannot get treatment. To support such families, palliative doctor Yelizaveta Glinka, widely known as Doctor Liza, has founded the House of Charity. The facility is now housing 5 children who sustained serious wounds after shelling in southeastern Ukraine and 9 children urgently evacuated by the foundation from the area of economic blockade and shelling, who are in need of urgent medical aid and medicines.

This facility also does not stay unattended by the officials of the Investigative Committee. Students of the Investigative Committee Academy constantly provide material aid and take part in rehabilitation of children wounded in military conflicts.

Today, the students of the Academy organized a concert to support the children of the charity center. They sang songs and recited poems and entertained the children.

Despite their young age the children understand what are roadblocks, Ukrainian Military Forces and artillery howitzers and many of them steel need medical aid and further rehabilitation. This is why charity for the wounded children has long ago become an integral element of the daily life of the Investigative Committee and will be in future.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                V.I. Markin