Investigative Committee Chairman meets Acting Head of Chechen Republic

The meeting of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee and Acting Head of the Chechen Republic was held today. Alexander Bastrykin and Ramzan Kadyrov discussed a number of pressing issues of cooperation focusing on the necessity to join the efforts for patriotic education of the younger generation. The Chairman noted great contribution Mr. Kadyrov made to develop the region and raise the young generation.

During the Meeting Mr. Bastrykin said about the operation of Investigative Committee cadet classes in some regions. Mr. Kadyrov supported the offer made by the Chairman to create a cade class in the Chechen Republic.

Mr. Bastrykin awarded Mr. Kadyrov with a medal “Courage and Valor”. “The Investigative Committee awards you for your attention to the Chechen Republic Investigative Committee, for your great achievements in ensuring security, law and order in the republic. Let me congratulate you on the award and wish you and your people wellbeing and prosperity,” Mr. Bastrykin said.