In Moscow, investigation finished against three accomplices charged with killing citizens t get hold of their flats

The Moscow Directorate of the Investigative Committee has finished the investigation against Vitaly Studenikin, Andrei Sizov and Valery Semyonov. They are charged with crimes under Part 2, time “g” and “h” of Article 105 of the RF Penal Code (murder out of mercenary motive by a group in Collusion).

According to investigation, no later than in 2011, Studenikin and his acquaintances concluded agreements of perpetuity with a number of elderly residents of Moscow, under which they got ownership of the residents’ flats in exchange for a lifetime support. However, in 2014, Studenikin decided to kill the elderly people because he did not want to meet the obligations and wanted to get quick illegal profit from selling those flats. To do that, he set up an organized group and recruited former criminals Sizov and Semyonov. The role of the latter two was to kill the victims by making them injections of a poison which led to a quick death and quickly disintegrated in the body making the real cause of death almost undetectable.

The investigators have the evidence that the members of the said group tried to kill by the said way a 60-year-old man in New Moscow in the section of an apartment building he lived in. They could not finish the crime because the man fought back and eyewitnesses interfered. They also were involved in the attack on Tamara Khokhryakova, 61, in an apartment building on 4th Sokolnicheskaya Street, who then died of an injection of the poison in her flat, but had told her neighbor about the attack.

By now the accused have read the criminal records and the case has been sent to the Prosecutor’s Office for the indictment to be approved and then will be referred to court. The investigation into other crimes committed by the said accused is ongoing.