Investigative team set up to look into deathly fire at storehouse in Moscow

The Moscow Directorate of the Investigative Committee continue investigating a fire at a storehouse that killed people. The case was opened into fire safety breach (Part 3 of Article 219 of the RF Penal Code).

As became known earlier, on the morning 27 August 2016, a fire started and then spread to 4-storey building of a storehouse in Altufyevskoye highway in Moscow. Bodies of 16 people were found in the building, while another person died at hospital.

An investigative group of 14 investigators and 7 expert criminalists has been set up to look into the case. The investigators have worked constantly for two days, finishing all necessary investigative operations in the shortest possible time and have assigned more than 30 forensic medical inquiries run by 10 forensic medical experts of Forensic Medical Bureau of the Moscow Health Department. All documents were readied, so that the representatives of the Kyrgyz Embassy in Russia were able to start transportation of the dead to Kyrgyzstan on Sunday evening.

Three Russian citizens who lived in Moscow have been identified among the dead. Relatives of all the dead have been recognized victims.

The investigation is ongoing.