Following TV channel broadcast Investigative Committee Chairman gives order to Central Office to check actions of Lipetsk and Smolensk Region investigators

On the New Year’s Eve, a show on a federal TV channel showed a coverage telling that customers and staff of a café in the town of Yelets, Lipetsk Region had been beaten. The correspondent stresses that journalists have criticized regional law-enforcement authorities alluding to corruption. Although the Lipetsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee has eventually opened an investigation against police officers implicated the beating, the correspondent addresses to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee personally asking to deal with his subordinates.

Mr. Bastrykin has ordered head of the Investigative Committee’s Procedural Control Directorate to check legality and reasons for the actions of Lipetsk Region investigators.

Another TV channel showed coverage telling that an official of the Smolensk Region Office of the Investigative Committee was detained while driving under intoxication. While being detained, the official behaved aggressively bragging about his social status and position. The Chairman of the Investigative Committee has ordered a corresponding department of the Committee’s Central office to run a check of the official.

Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                     Svetlana Petrenko