Criminal investigation launched against head of Chekhovsky municipal district of Moscow Region

The Moscow Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have initiated criminal proceedings against Head of Chekhovsky municipal district of Moscow Region Alexander Slobodin, suspected of a crime under part 2 of article 286 of the RF Criminal Code (exceeding official powers).

According to investigators, Slobodin, knowing that there was a hunting center of hunters and anglers society near the village of Galygino of Chekhovsky district on a land with an area of 3.6 ha, owned by forest resources, that is being federal property, decided to transform this land into municipal property with the purpose to use it by the district administration as a recreation center. With this purpose Slobodin ordered his subordinates to prepare and submit to a registration body documents containing false information that buildings on the land: the hunting center, maintenance unit, baths, shed and stables were allegedly municipal property of the region. As a result, the ownership right of the municipal entity of Chekhobsky municipal district for the above mentioned buildings was registered for in 2010. Later he ordered his subordinates to prepare and submit to the registration body documents necessary for registration of municipal property of the district for the land, which was accomplished.

Acting this way Slobodin obviously exceeded his official powers as forests of forest resources are federal property and can be provided for recreational activity to state facilities only for permanent use.

His actions entailed illegal seizure from the lands of forest resources, that is from federal property, of the above mentioned land, by which the Russian Federation suffered considerable material damage of almost 3.4 million rubles.

Investigating operations are underway to establish all the circumstances of the incident. Investigation is to be continued.